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Investigating Sensitivity to Reward Change using a Foraging Task

What do we want to know?

In other species, for example bees, it has been shown that when an individual experiences a change in reward from a high to a low quality, they spend an increased amount of time “searching” for the lost reward. In our newest study, we want to see whether this is the case for dogs too.

We are going to be investigating patterns of foraging in dogs with different quality rewards. As in the other studies, we are going to look at their responses to an unexpected change in the quality of reward, in the hope that we can find out more about their motivations and emotions when faced with change.

Spook                      Moya


How can you help?

We are looking for dogs over 6 months and with no food intolerances or history of resource guarding to take part in this study. You will need to be able to bring your dog in for 2 sessions, approximately 1 week apart, over the next few weeks. Please get in touch with hthompson@lincoln.ac.uk for more information on the project!

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